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Preparing Your Manuscript

  1. Content Alignment: Ensure your manuscript directly contributes to the fields of risk management, innovation, or related areas, aligning with GCRI’s objectives.

  2. Originality: Submissions must be original work, not previously published, and not under consideration by another publication.

  3. Formatting: Follow the GCRI’s specific formatting guidelines available on our website, including font size, margin settings, and citation style.

  4. Abstract: Include an abstract summarizing the key points of your work, its significance, and its contributions to the field.

  5. Keywords: Provide 5-8 keywords that accurately represent the manuscript's content.

Submission Process

  1. Title Page: Prepare a separate title page with the manuscript's title, author(s) names, affiliations, and contact information for the corresponding author.

  2. Anonymity for Peer Review: Ensure the manuscript body does not include any information that might reveal the identity of the authors, to maintain the integrity of the double-blind peer review process.

  3. Supporting Documents: Attach any supplementary materials, including datasets, figures, and tables, as specified in the submission form.

  4. Cover Letter: Include a cover letter addressing the manuscript’s importance and its fit with GCRI’s publication themes.

Completing the Submission Form

  • Accessing the Form: The publication submission form can be accessed through the GCRI website.

  • Filling Out the Form: Complete all required fields on the submission form, including manuscript title, abstract, and author details.

  • Attachments: Upload the manuscript file, title page, supporting documents, and cover letter in the designated sections.

  • Submission Confirmation: Upon submission, you will receive an email confirmation acknowledging receipt of your manuscript.


  1. Review Process: Manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review process. Authors can expect initial feedback or a decision within two weeks from submission.

  2. Revisions: If revisions are required, authors will be provided with reviewer comments and a timeline for resubmission.

  3. Acceptance: Upon acceptance, authors will receive instructions for final manuscript preparation and details on publication scheduling.

  4. Publication Charges: If applicable, publication charges or fees will be communicated upon acceptance. GCRI aims to keep these costs minimal to encourage broad participation from the research community.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Plagiarism: All submissions are screened for plagiarism. Works found to violate ethical standards will be rejected.

  • Conflict of Interest: Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

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