Deliberation and Delegation

The mission of the Deliberation and Delegation Committee is to strategically enhance the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation's (GCRI) engagements with major global entities such as the United Nations (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and other significant international forums. The committee aims to ensure that GCRI's interactions and collaborations with these entities are impactful, aligned with the organization's strategic goals, and effectively communicated to the global community.


  • Strategic Engagement Planning: Develop and implement strategies for GCRI's interaction with major international organizations and forums to advance global risk management, security, and sustainability agendas.

  • Representation Strategies: Prepare and support GCRI's delegations to international meetings and conferences, ensuring they are well-prepared to represent the organization's interests and objectives effectively.

  • Communication and Public Relations: Oversee the development of communication strategies and materials that promote GCRI’s activities and achievements in international forums, enhancing its global visibility and impact.


  • Senior Policy Advisors who understand the complexities of international relations and global policy-making.

  • Public Relations Experts who manage the organization's image and communications with the public and other stakeholders.

  • Strategic Planners who align the committee’s objectives with the overall strategy of the GCRI.

  • Specialized Consultants from relevant fields such as international law, diplomacy, and global governance.


  • Policy Development: Formulate policies that guide GCRI's interactions with international organizations, ensuring these interactions support broader strategic objectives.

  • Delegation Preparation: Organize training and briefing sessions for GCRI representatives ahead of their participation in international meetings, ensuring they are fully prepared to engage effectively.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Assess the impact of GCRI's international engagements and provide feedback and recommendations for future improvements.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Foster relationships with key stakeholders in the international community to support GCRI’s mission and increase its influence in global discussions.

  • Media and Communication: Develop and disseminate press releases, position papers, and other communication materials that clearly articulate GCRI’s contributions and perspectives at international events.

  • Feedback Integration: Collect and integrate insights from international engagements back into GCRI’s strategic planning processes to ensure that global perspectives are reflected in its initiatives.

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