Global Stewardship

The Global Stewardship Board (GSB) plays a crucial role in the governance of GCRI, ensuring that the organization operates with integrity, transparency, and strategic focus. By providing oversight and guidance, the GSB helps GCRI achieve its mission of mitigating risks, building resilience, and fostering sustainable development on a global scale.


  • The Global Stewardship Board (GSB) holds the authority to provide strategic oversight and guidance for all GCRI activities, ensuring they align with the organization's mission and long-term goals.

  • It approves the GCRI’s strategic plan, major initiatives, budgets, and financial decisions, ensuring resources are allocated effectively to support GCRI’s objectives.

  • The GSB has the authority to endorse partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, ensuring that GCRI’s efforts in research, development, and policy formulation are effectively coordinated and support the organization’s mission.


The GSB's structure includes distinguished leaders from the Board of Trustees, Regional Stewardship Boards (RSBs), and chairs of various GSB committees. Decision-making is based on consensus with representative positions having central role and Trustees providing oversight and guidance. Members of CB and Management board join meetings to provide support, context and reports:

  • Members: The GSB is composed of TRustees, chairs of RSBs, committees and councils from various sectors, including academia, industry, government, and civil society, reflecting the multi-stakeholder approach of GCRI.

  • Selection: Members are selected based on their role as chairs with highest level of expertise, leadership, and commitment to GCRI’s goals, ensuring a diverse and dynamic board capable of addressing global challenges.

  • Term: Members serve fixed terms with automatic dynamic succession of chair roles to ensure continuity and the infusion of fresh perspectives.

Key Information:

  • Regular Meetings: The GSB meets regularly, at least quarterly, to discuss strategic matters, review progress, and make necessary decisions. Special meetings can be convened to address urgent issues.

  • Decision-Making: The GSB operates through a consensus-driven approach, with members working collaboratively to arrive at decisions that further GCRI’s objectives. Votes are typically cast when consensus cannot be reached, with each member having equal voting rights.

  • Reporting: The GSB reports to the General Assembly (GA), presenting strategic plans, policy decisions, and progress reports for review and ratification.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Direction: Providing strategic direction and oversight for the implementation of GCRI’s mission, ensuring alignment with long-term goals.

  • Policy Approval: Approving major policies, strategic initiatives, and budgets, and ensuring their effective implementation.

  • Financial Oversight: Overseeing the financial management of GCRI, including approving annual budgets, financial reports, and major expenditures.

  • Performance Monitoring: Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the CEO and other key executives, ensuring that operational activities support GCRI’s strategic goals.

  • Governance: Ensuring that GCRI adheres to the highest standards of governance, ethics, and transparency.

Relations with Other Governing Bodies:

  • General Assembly (GA): The GSB is accountable to the GA, ensuring that its actions and decisions are aligned with the strategic directives set by the GA.

  • Board of Trustees (BoT): The GSB collaborates with the BoT to ensure that strategic initiatives and policies are effectively coordinated and implemented.

  • Regional Stewardship Boards (RSBs): The GSB interacts with RSBs to incorporate regional perspectives into global strategies and policies.

  • National Working Groups (NWGs): The GSB collaborates with NWGs to ensure that national priorities are reflected in GCRI’s strategic planning and implementation.

  • Specialized Leadership Board (SLB): The GSB works with the SLB to align technical and thematic initiatives with GCRI’s overall strategic direction.

  • Central Bureau (CB): The GSB provides oversight to the CB, ensuring that administrative and operational activities are effectively managed and aligned with GCRI’s mission.

Meeting Structure:

  • Quarterly Meetings: Regularly scheduled sessions to oversee GCRI’s operations, review progress, and make strategic decisions.

  • Special Meetings: Convened to address urgent or significant matters outside the normal meeting schedule.

  • Strategic Planning Sessions: Annual or bi-annual sessions focused on aligning strategic priorities with GCRI’s long-term goals.

  • Financial Review Meetings: Periodic reviews of financial performance, budget approvals, and resource allocation.

Accountability and Reporting:

  • Transparency: The GSB is committed to maintaining transparency in its operations, providing regular updates and reports to the GA and other stakeholders.

  • Ethics and Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and governance in all its activities and decisions.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Actively engaging with stakeholders, including members, partners, and external entities, to ensure that GCRI’s activities are inclusive and collaborative.

Integration and Synergy:

  • Collaborative Approach: The GSB ensures that all governing bodies within GCRI work in synergy, fostering a collaborative environment for effective decision-making and implementation.

  • Strategic Alignment: Aligning the strategic initiatives of various bodies within GCRI, ensuring coherence and unified direction across all levels of governance.

  • Operational Support: Providing the necessary oversight and support to operational teams, including the CB, NWGs, and TMDs, to ensure the smooth execution of GCRI’s mission.

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