Membership and Partnership

The mission of the Membership and Partnership Committee is to evaluate and continuously improve the membership model of the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI). This committee ensures that the membership structure is accessible, appealing, and strategically positioned to attract and retain members from diverse sectors and backgrounds, thereby fostering a robust and active global community.


  • Enhancement of Membership Accessibility: Develop strategies to make GCRI membership more accessible to potential members across different regions and sectors, considering various economic and social barriers.

  • Competitive Positioning: Position GCRI’s membership as a valuable and unique offering in the global risk and innovation community, differentiating it from other organizations in the field.

  • Membership Model Innovation: Innovate and update the membership models to reflect changes in the global landscape, ensuring they remain relevant and attractive.

  • Engagement Strategies: Create and implement strategies to increase member engagement, ensuring members are active, involved, and find value in their association with GCRI.


  • Membership Director: Oversees the committee and coordinates membership strategy across the organization.

  • Regional Membership Coordinators: Focus on adapting membership strategies to fit regional needs and contexts.

  • Marketing and Outreach Specialists: Develop and implement strategies to promote GCRI membership globally.

  • Member Representatives: Provide feedback and insights from the membership base, ensuring that the voices of current members are heard in strategic discussions.

  • Data Analysts: Analyze membership data to inform strategies and measure the effectiveness of engagement initiatives.


  • Membership Analysis: Regularly analyze the composition, needs, and satisfaction levels of the current membership to identify areas for improvement.

  • Strategic Development: Develop strategic initiatives to enhance the value proposition of GCRI membership, focusing on benefits, services, and opportunities that align with members' needs and interests.

  • Outreach Programs: Design and implement outreach programs to attract new members and re-engage inactive ones, using a variety of marketing and communication tools.

  • Feedback Mechanisms: Establish and manage effective feedback mechanisms to gather insights from members, using tools like surveys, focus groups, and community forums.

  • Reporting and Adjustments: Produce regular reports on membership trends, engagement levels, and the effectiveness of growth strategies. Recommend adjustments based on data and feedback.

  • Collaboration with Other Committees: Collaborate with other GCRI committees to ensure that membership strategies are integrated into broader organizational activities and goals.

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