Operational Excellence

The mission of the Operational Excellence Committee is to enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness across the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI). The committee focuses on refining processes and systems to ensure that GCRI operates at the highest standards of performance, optimizing resources and maximizing impact in its global initiatives.


  • Process Optimization: Identify and implement improvements in GCRI’s operational processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

  • Performance Standards Development: Establish and maintain high performance standards across all levels of the organization, ensuring that operational targets and goals are met.

  • Feedback Integration: Systematically incorporate feedback from regional and specialized boards to align operations with the diverse needs and expectations of different geographic and functional areas.

  • Best Practices Implementation: Research, identify, and integrate industry best practices into GCRI’s operational strategies to stay ahead in efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Legal Operations Experts who oversee the entire operations and are skilled in legal compliance and process improvement.

  • Quality Assurance Specialists who ensure that operational outputs meet the required standards and regulations.

  • Strategic Planners who align operational strategies with the overall objectives of the GCRI.

  • Change Management Experts who facilitate the implementation of new processes and systems across the organization.


  • Operational Audits: Conduct regular audits of existing operations to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with established standards.

  • Change Initiatives: Lead change management initiatives that introduce new processes or technologies intended to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Training Programs: Develop and deliver training programs to ensure directors are well-equipped to adopt new procedures and technologies.

  • Operational Reporting: Produce comprehensive reports on operational metrics, highlighting achievements and areas needing attention.

  • Resource Allocation: Ensure optimal allocation of resources across projects and departments to achieve the best operational outcomes.

  • Feedback Loops: Establish effective feedback loops with regional and specialized boards to ensure that operations are responsive to the needs of different areas and functions within the organization.

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