Fundraising and Sustainability

The mission of the Fundraising and Sustainability Committee is to ensure the financial health and sustainability of the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) by developing robust fundraising strategies and sustainable financial practices. This committee is dedicated to securing the resources necessary to support GCRI’s strategic objectives and enhance its impact on global risk management, security, and sustainability.


  • Resource Development: Identify and cultivate new funding sources, including grants, donations, sponsorships, and partnerships, to support GCRI’s operations and strategic initiatives.

  • Sustainability Planning: Develop strategies to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organization, including diversifying income streams and building endowments.

  • Membership Contribution Structures: Innovate and govern sustainable membership fee structures that are equitable and provide value to members, thereby ensuring a steady revenue stream.

  • Alignment with GCRI Objectives: Ensure that all fundraising activities and financial strategies align with and support GCRI’s overarching goals and ethical standards.


  • Financial Experts: Provides financial oversight and strategic financial planning.

  • Fundraising Experts: Leads the development and execution of fundraising campaigns and initiatives.

  • Specialists: Specialize in identifying grant opportunities and writing proposals.

  • Partnership Experts: Oversee and maintain relationships with corporate sponsors and partners.

  • Financial Analysts: Analyze financial data to support strategic decisions and monitor financial health.


  • Fundraising Strategy Development: Create comprehensive fundraising strategies that utilize a mix of funding sources tailored to GCRI’s needs and potential donor interests.

  • Campaign Management: Plan and oversee fundraising campaigns that engage a broad spectrum of donors, from individuals to large organizations, leveraging innovative marketing and outreach tactics.

  • Grant Management: Oversee the grant application process, from identification of opportunities to proposal submission and compliance with grant requirements.

  • Sponsorship Coordination: Develop and sustain relationships with corporate and institutional sponsors, ensuring that sponsorship agreements are mutually beneficial and align with GCRI’s values and goals.

  • Financial Planning: Work closely with GCRI’s financial managers to align fundraising activities with financial planning, ensuring the sustainability of funding and efficient allocation of resources.

  • Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor fundraising activities for effectiveness and compliance, and report on progress to the board and relevant stakeholders.

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