Strategic Alignment

The mission of the Strategic Alignment Committee is to ensure that all strategic initiatives within the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) are aligned with the organization's overarching global objectives. This committee is pivotal in harmonizing these initiatives across different geographic and operational divisions to ensure a cohesive and unified approach to achieving GCRI's mission.


  • Strategic Review and Alignment: Review ongoing and proposed strategic initiatives to ensure they are in line with GCRI’s global objectives and mission.

  • Integration of Regional Insights: Incorporate insights and feedback from Regional Stewardship Boards (RSBs) and specialized boards to tailor global strategies to local and regional contexts.

  • Cross-Functional Coordination: Facilitate coordination between different functional areas within GCRI to ensure strategic initiatives are well integrated and mutually supportive.

  • Strategic Planning Support: Provide support in the strategic planning process, helping to identify priorities and align them with GCRI’s long-term goals.


  • Strategic Planners who provide expertise in global strategy development and implementation.

  • Representatives from Regional and Specialized Boards who bring regional perspectives and specialized knowledge to ensure strategies are comprehensive and inclusive.

  • Senior Executives from various GCRI departments to represent the interests and insights of their respective areas.

  • Advisory Members who may be external experts in global strategy and organizational alignment.


  • Strategic Oversight: Oversee the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to ensure they are robust, coherent, and aligned with global aims.

  • Policy Development: Assist in developing policies that support the strategic objectives of GCRI, ensuring they are adaptive to changes in the global environment.

  • Advisory Role: Provide advisory support to GCRI’s management and operational teams, offering insights and recommendations on strategic alignment.

  • Evaluation and Monitoring: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of strategic initiatives and make recommendations for enhancements or adjustments.

  • Facilitate Strategic Workshops: Organize workshops and sessions to facilitate strategic discussions and planning, involving stakeholders from various levels of the organization.

  • Communication: Ensure clear and effective communication of strategic plans and alignment principles across the organization to foster understanding and support for initiatives.

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