Innovation and Technology

The mission of the Innovation and Technology Committee is to drive the technological advancement and innovation strategy of the Global Centre for Risk and Innovation (GCRI). This committee ensures that GCRI remains at the forefront of technological developments and innovation practices in the field of global risk management, security, and sustainability.


  • Technology Leadership: Spearhead the adoption of emerging technologies that enhance GCRI's capabilities in risk management and security.

  • Innovation Strategies: Develop and implement strategies that foster innovation within GCRI, enhancing its role as a leader in global security and risk management.

  • Research and Development: Oversee research and development activities that explore new solutions and improve existing processes.

  • Partnership Development: Form strategic partnerships with tech companies, universities, and other research institutions to advance technological and innovative practices.


  • Technology Experts: Lead the committee and oversees the integration of technology and innovation into GCRI’s operations.

  • Innovation Experts: Drive the development and implementation of innovation strategies.

  • Research Scientists: Oversee cutting-edge research that contributes to advancements in risk management and security technologies.

  • Technology Analysts: Evaluate emerging technologies and assess their applicability to GCRI’s goals.

  • Partnership Experts: Develop strategies and maintain relationships with technology partners and stakeholders.


  • Technology Scouting: Identify and evaluate new technologies that could improve GCRI’s risk management, security and sustainabiilty initiatives.

  • Innovation Workshops and Seminars: Support events to foster a culture of innovation within GCRI and to share knowledge on recent technological advances.

  • Pilot Projects: Oversee pilot projects to test the feasibility and effectiveness of new technologies before full-scale implementation.

  • Strategy Development: Oversee strategic plans that integrate technology and innovation into all aspects of GCRI’s operations to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Collaborative Innovation: Facilitate collaborative innovation efforts with external partners to leverage external expertise and insights.

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