Public Sector Resilience

The mission of the Public Sector Resilience Council is to strengthen the cybersecurity posture and resilience of public sector entities, ensuring that government services and infrastructures are protected against cyber threats and are capable of sustaining essential functions under various conditions.


  • Enhance Cybersecurity Frameworks: Develop and refine cybersecurity frameworks tailored to the public sector, addressing unique vulnerabilities and compliance requirements.

  • Facilitate Risk Management: Implement comprehensive risk management strategies that identify, assess, and mitigate risks to public sector information systems and infrastructures.

  • Promote Resilience Building: Advance initiatives that enhance the ability of public sector organizations to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents and other disruptions.


  • Council Members: Includes seasoned professionals from government cybersecurity agencies, public administration, and emergency management organizations.

  • Advisory Body: Composed of experts in public sector law, cybersecurity policy, and critical infrastructure protection who provide strategic guidance and updates on regulatory changes.

  • Collaborative Networks: Encompasses partnerships with IT firms, academic researchers, and international bodies focused on enhancing public sector resilience.


  • Strategic Planning: Craft and update strategies that align public sector security efforts with national and international cybersecurity objectives.

  • Advisory Services: Offer expert advice to government bodies on implementing effective cybersecurity measures and resilience strategies.

  • Training and Capacity Building: Conduct training sessions and develop capacity-building programs to elevate the cybersecurity skills of public sector employees.

  • Incident Response Coordination: Develop and coordinate incident response plans that ensure rapid and efficient reaction to cyber threats and emergencies within the public sector.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Assist public sector entities in complying with cybersecurity regulations and standards, facilitating regular audits and compliance checks.

  • Community Engagement: Engage with the broader public to foster an understanding of public sector cybersecurity efforts and gather feedback to improve service delivery and security measures.

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