Innovation and Standards Development

The mission of the Innovation and Standards Development Council is to spearhead the creation and refinement of industry-leading standards that foster innovation and ensure consistent, high-quality outcomes across all sectors involved with GCRI.


  • Innovation Facilitation: Drive innovation across various industries by developing standards that encourage creative solutions while ensuring safety and efficacy.

  • Standards Development: Craft and continuously update standards that reflect the latest technological advances and industry needs.

  • Collaborative Integration: Work in conjunction with technology developers, industry experts, and academic institutions to ensure comprehensive and practical standards.

  • Global Harmonization: Harmonize standards across borders to facilitate international cooperation and enhance global market access.


  • Council Chair: An experienced leader with a background in technology and standard development.

  • Industry Experts: Professionals from key sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, who bring specific industry insights.

  • Technical Specialists: Experts in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity who ensure that standards reflect current and future technological landscapes.

  • Academic Researchers: Academics who contribute cutting-edge research findings to inform standard setting and innovation paths.

  • Policy Advisors: Individuals skilled in understanding and navigating the policy implications of new standards and innovations.


  • Standards Formulation: Develop and revise standards to ensure they are robust, forward-thinking, and applicable to a range of technologies and industries.

  • Innovation Support: Provide a framework that supports innovation by ensuring that new products and services can be developed within a clear and supportive standards environment.

  • Technology Scouting: Identify and evaluate emerging technologies and trends to determine their implications for new standards.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that standards development is inclusive and reflects diverse needs and viewpoints.

  • Education and Training: Develop educational programs and training sessions to disseminate new standards and best practices across industries.

  • Regulatory Liaison: Act as a liaison to regulatory bodies to ensure that new standards are aligned with legal and regulatory requirements.

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