Standards and Regulations

The mission of the Standards and Regulations Council is to establish and maintain high-quality standards and regulatory frameworks that ensure safety, security, and efficiency across all member entities and sectors involved with the GCRI.


  • Standards Development: Develop and revise standards that align with global best practices and technological advancements to ensure interoperability and consistency across borders.

  • Regulatory Oversight: Provide oversight and guidance on regulatory compliance, helping members navigate complex regulatory environments globally.

  • Policy Integration: Integrate cutting-edge research and emerging trends into regulatory practices to foster innovation while maintaining public safety and trust.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with international standard-setting bodies, regulatory agencies, and industry leaders to harmonize standards and regulations.


  • Council Members: Includes experts in regulatory affairs, standard development, policy analysis, and compliance from various industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

  • Technical Experts: Specialists in emerging technologies and industry-specific standards who provide technical guidance and insights.

  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals: Individuals experienced in navigating global regulatory environments who advise on compliance and policy implications.

  • Industry Representatives: Key stakeholders from affected industries who provide practical insights into the impacts of regulatory changes and standard implementations.


  • Regulatory Framework Enhancement: Enhance existing regulatory frameworks to accommodate new technologies and market dynamics while ensuring compliance and protection for all stakeholders.

  • Standards Compliance: Ensure that all GCRI initiatives and member activities adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety through rigorous compliance checks and balances.

  • Consultation and Advice: Offer consultation and strategic advice to members on best practices for aligning their operations with international standards and regulations.

  • Educational Initiatives: Develop and provide educational resources and training programs to increase awareness and understanding of relevant standards and regulations among GCRI members.

  • Policy Advocacy: Advocate for policies that support the adoption of universal standards and regulatory practices that facilitate international cooperation and trade.

  • Innovation Support: Encourage innovation by ensuring that standards and regulations are flexible enough to accommodate new technologies and business models without compromising safety or ethical considerations.

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