Economic Resilience

The mission of the Economic Resilience Council is to strengthen the economic systems of GCRI member countries and organizations by developing strategies and frameworks that enhance their capacity to withstand and recover from economic shocks and stresses.


  • Economic Strategy Development: Develop comprehensive strategies to bolster economic stability and resilience in the face of global financial uncertainties and market disruptions.

  • Policy Advocacy: Advocate for and help implement economic policies that promote sustainable growth, financial inclusion, and risk mitigation.

  • Resilience Assessments: Conduct assessments of economic systems to identify vulnerabilities and recommend resilience-enhancing measures.

  • Collaboration with Financial Institutions: Engage with central banks, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies to coordinate efforts in enhancing economic resilience.


  • Council Members: Composed of economists, financial analysts, policy experts, and representatives from financial institutions and regulatory agencies.

  • Advisory Panel: Includes seasoned economists, academic researchers, and global financial experts who provide insights and guidance on macroeconomic trends and policy effects.

  • Industry Representatives: Features leaders from various economic sectors who offer perspectives on industry-specific challenges and resilience strategies.


  • Guidance on Economic Policies: Provide guidance on developing and adjusting economic policies that foster stability and growth.

  • Framework Implementation: Assist in the implementation of economic frameworks designed to enhance the resilience of financial systems.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate engagement between public and private sector stakeholders to promote collaborative resilience initiatives.

  • Crisis Management Planning: Develop and refine economic crisis management plans to ensure rapid response and recovery during financial crises.

  • Research and Innovation: Encourage and support research into innovative financial products and economic models that contribute to greater economic stability and resilience.

  • Education and Training: Develop educational programs and training workshops to build capacity and understanding of economic resilience among policymakers, financial professionals, and business leaders.

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