Risk Awareness and Education

The Risk Awareness and Education Council is dedicated to elevating risk awareness and enhancing educational outreach on global risks, cybersecurity best practices, and the importance of informed risk management strategies.


  • Develop Comprehensive Educational Programs: Create and implement a broad range of educational initiatives aimed at different audiences, including the public, professionals, and specific industry sectors.

  • Enhance Outreach: Extend the reach of GCRI’s educational materials through collaborations with educational institutions, industry associations, and public platforms.

  • Promote Best Practices: Disseminate knowledge about risk management and cybersecurity best practices to foster a more resilient global community.


  • Council Members: Includes a diverse group of experts in risk management, cybersecurity, education, and public engagement. Members are drawn from academia, industry, government agencies, and non-profits to ensure a broad perspective on risk education.

  • Advisory Roles: Engages specialists and advisors who contribute to the development of educational content and strategies, ensuring that the council's initiatives are scientifically accurate and pedagogically effective.

  • Collaborative Partners: Involves strategic partners from various sectors to facilitate outreach and the practical application of educational content.


  • Curriculum Development: Design and update educational curricula that cover essential topics in risk management and cybersecurity, tailored to various levels from general public awareness to specialized industry training.

  • Strategic Outreach Initiatives: Plan and execute campaigns and initiatives that target key demographics to increase awareness and understanding of risks, leveraging media, events, and online platforms.

  • Resource Development: Produce high-quality educational resources, including guides, toolkits, webinars, and interactive modules, to support learning and application of best practices in risk management.

  • Partnership Engagement: Forge and maintain partnerships with educational institutions, industry bodies, and community organizations to amplify the impact of the council’s educational efforts and facilitate widespread dissemination of knowledge.

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