SLB Chair

Specialized Leadership Board Chair

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Direction: Establish and refine your SLB's objectives to align with GCRI's overarching mission.

  • Operational Excellence: Lead weekly stand-up meetings to review progress, strategize on upcoming tasks, and address any challenges.

Communication Strategies

  • SLB Slack Channels: Use dedicated channels for daily operations, fostering a collaborative environment for your board.

  • Weekly Updates: Engage in a two-way flow of information with the Central Bureau through weekly updates on Slack, ensuring transparency and alignment.

  • Confidential Discussions: Apply strict privacy protocols for sensitive matters to maintain confidentiality within your communications.

Technical Committee Oversight

  • Supervision: Encourage and oversee the formation and progress of Technical Committees, ensuring they contribute effectively to the SLB’s goals.

  • Engagement: Utilize dedicated Slack channels for each committee, facilitating focused collaboration and project management.

Integration with RSBs

  • Central RSB Channel Participation: Engage in the RSB Slack channel for cross-board communication and collaborative initiative planning.

Central Bureau Collaboration

  • Weekly Executive Meetings: Coordinate with the Central Bureau in weekly meetings to ensure strategic and operational alignment.

  • Advisory Role: Provide expertise and insights to RSBs and the Central Bureau as needed, supporting broader organizational objectives.

Implementation Steps

  1. Initiate Communication: Start by engaging with your SLB members through the dedicated Slack channel to introduce yourself and outline the board's strategic direction.

  2. Schedule First Meeting: Organize the first weekly stand-up meeting to discuss current projects, challenges, and set expectations.

  3. Engage with Technical Committees: Review existing Technical Committees under your SLB, and establish communication channels with committee leads.

  4. Participate in RSB and Executive Meetings: Ensure active participation in the central RSB channel and attend the scheduled weekly meetings with the Central Bureau.

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