NC Member

National Council Member

Eligibility Criteria

  • Expertise: Nominees should have significant expertise in areas relevant to GCRI’s mission, such as risk management, innovation, policy development, or related fields.

  • Leadership: Demonstrated leadership experience and the ability to contribute strategically to the advancement of GCRI's objectives.

  • Commitment: Willingness to engage actively in council activities and meetings.

Nomination Process

  1. Nominee Information:

    • Provide comprehensive details about the nominee, including full name, professional title, organization, and contact information.

  2. Expertise and Contributions:

    • Outline the nominee's areas of expertise and potential contributions to the National Advisory Council. Highlight any previous achievements or roles that demonstrate their suitability for the council.

  3. Reason for Nomination:

    • Clearly articulate why you believe the nominee is an ideal candidate for the National Advisory Council, focusing on their qualifications and how they align with GCRI’s mission.

  4. Additional Documents:

    • Attach the nominee’s CV or resume, and any other supporting documents that provide further evidence of their qualifications and accomplishments.

Submission Instructions

  • Completing the Form: Ensure all sections of the nomination form are filled out accurately. Review the information provided for completeness and correctness before submission.

  • Document Attachments: Attach all required documents in the specified format. Ensure that attachments are clearly labeled and relevant to the nomination.

  • Final Review and Submission: After reviewing the nomination form and attached documents for accuracy, submit the form through the designated platform.

After Submission

  • Acknowledgment: Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgment confirming that the nomination has been received.

  • Review Process: Nominations will be reviewed by GCRI’s selection committee. The review process considers the nominee's expertise, experience, and potential contribution to the council.

  • Notification: Both the nominator and nominee will be notified of the outcome once the selection process is complete.

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