EC Fellow

Engineering Committee Fellow

Eligibility and Qualifications

  • Academic Excellence: Candidates must hold a PhD or equivalent degree in engineering or a closely related field that aligns with the research focus areas of the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI).

  • Research Experience: A track record of conducting high-quality, independent research is essential.

  • Alignment with GCRI’s Mission: Your research proposal should support GCRI’s goals in advancing engineering solutions for risk management, innovation, and related areas.

Application Process

  • Personal and Contact Information: Provide comprehensive personal details, ensuring all contact information is current.

  • Academic Background: Describe your highest academic qualification, including your field of study, awarding institution, and year of graduation.

  • Research Proposal: Outline your proposed research project, specifying objectives, methodology, and anticipated outcomes. Demonstrate how your work will contribute to GCRI’s strategic areas.

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): Attach an up-to-date CV highlighting your publications, research projects, and any other pertinent academic or professional achievements.

  • References: List at least two referees who can vouch for your research acumen and academic credentials.

Submission Instructions

  • Review the Application Form: Familiarize yourself with the form to ensure you understand the requirements for each section.

  • Prepare Your Documents: Assemble all required documents, including your research proposal and CV, and prepare them in the specified format.

  • Complete the Form: Fill in every part of the application carefully. Recheck your entries to confirm their accuracy and completeness.

  • Attach Required Documents: Upload the necessary files, including your research proposal, CV, and any other relevant documentation.

  • Submit Your Application: Finalize your application by clicking the submission button once all sections are completed and documents attached.

After Submission

  • Acknowledgment of Receipt: You will receive an email confirming that GCRI has received your application.

  • Review Process: The GCRI selection committee will thoroughly review your application, focusing on the merits of your research proposal and your fit for the fellowship.

  • Notification of Outcome: All applicants will be informed about the outcome. Successful candidates will be provided with further details on the next steps.

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