Technical Committees

The Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) welcomes the submission of proposals for the initiation of new Technical Committees. These committees play a crucial role in advancing our research, innovation, and policy development objectives. This guide outlines the procedure for submitting a proposal to establish a Technical Committee within GCRI.

Step 1: Proposal Preparation

  • Understand GCRI's Mission: Familiarize yourself with GCRI’s current objectives and focus areas to ensure your proposed committee aligns with our mission.

  • Define the Scope: Clearly articulate the objectives, scope, and focus areas of the proposed Technical Committee, including how it will contribute to GCRI’s mission.

  • Identify Leadership and Membership: Propose potential chairs and initial members for the committee, considering expertise and commitment to GCRI’s goals.

Step 2: Completing the Submission Form

  • Fill Out the Form: Complete all sections of the Technical Committee Proposal Submission Form with detailed information about your proposal.

  • Attach Supporting Documents: Include any relevant attachments, such as detailed proposals, CVs of proposed members, or evidence of potential support or funding.

  • Review for Completeness: Ensure that all fields are accurately filled out and that your proposal is comprehensive and clear.

Step 3: Submission Process

  • Submit the Form: Once completed, submit the form through the designated submission process.

  • Confirmation: You will receive an automatic confirmation acknowledging receipt of your proposal.

Step 4: Review and Feedback

  • Initial Review: The GCRI executive team and relevant stakeholders will conduct an initial review of your proposal to assess its alignment with GCRI’s strategic priorities and feasibility.

  • Feedback and Discussion: Proposers may be contacted for further information or discussion regarding their proposal. This may include requests for clarification, additional details, or potential modifications to the proposal.

  • Decision: After thorough review, the proposer will be informed of the decision. If approved, further steps will include planning for the implementation and formal establishment of the Technical Committee.

Step 5: Implementation

For approved proposals:

  • Planning Meeting: An initial meeting with GCRI executives and the proposed chair will be arranged to discuss the committee's implementation, resources, and timeline.

  • Formal Establishment: Necessary administrative steps will be taken to formally establish the committee within GCRI’s structure.

  • Announcement: The establishment of the new Technical Committee will be announced to the GCRI community.

Note to Proposers

The GCRI values your contribution and initiative in proposing new avenues for research and innovation. While we strive to accommodate and support new Technical Committees, please understand that proposals are subject to rigorous review to ensure they meet our strategic objectives and resource capabilities.

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