The Stewardship Leadership Board (STWLB)


The Stewardship Leadership Board (STWLB) within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) stands at the helm of orchestrating a cohesive and strategic alignment between national and global initiatives. Comprised of the chairs from all other Specialized Leadership Boards (SLBs), the STWLB is pivotal in weaving together the diverse strands of GCRI's activities into a coherent and impactful narrative that spans from local to global scales.


The STWLB is uniquely positioned within GCRI's governance structure, drawing on the collective expertise and leadership of the chairs from the Industry, Academic, Engineering, Strategic, and Legacy Leadership Boards. This composition ensures a multidisciplinary approach to decision-making and strategy formulation, leveraging insights from across the spectrum of GCRI’s operational domains.


  • Forming and Governing National Working Groups (NWGs): The STWLB plays a critical role in establishing NWGs, ensuring they are structured to effectively translate GCRI’s global standards and initiatives into actionable national strategies.

  • Overseeing National Councils: It supervises the functioning of National Councils, ensuring their alignment with GCRI's global mission and facilitating their contribution to global governance in risk management and innovation.

  • Guiding National Technical Councils: The STWLB oversees the operations of National Technical Councils, ensuring that these councils effectively address local challenges while contributing to the global knowledge pool.

  • Strategic Alignment Across Levels: It ensures strategic consistency across all levels of GCRI’s operations, from national working groups to global initiatives, aligning efforts towards common goals.

Governance and Synergy

The STWLB employs a collaborative governance approach, leveraging the diverse expertise of its members to make strategic decisions that enhance GCRI’s global and local impact. It fosters synergy among GCRI’s various leadership boards and operational divisions, ensuring a unified direction and maximized impact of GCRI's initiatives.

Building Collaborative Networks

Through its leadership, the STWLB facilitates robust networks of collaboration among national and international stakeholders, enhancing GCRI’s role as a global convener in the fields of risk management, security, privacy, and sustainability. It plays a vital role in amplifying the impact of GCRI’s work through strategic partnerships and alliances.

Operational Excellence and Global Impact

The Stewardship Board is instrumental in operationalizing GCRI's vision across national contexts, ensuring that local initiatives are supported by global insights and standards. It champions a governance model that is responsive, adaptive, and geared towards achieving tangible impacts in managing global risks and fostering innovation.

Visionary Leadership for a Global Future

The STWLB embodies GCRI’s commitment to visionary leadership and strategic stewardship. By aligning the efforts of national working groups, councils, and technical committees with GCRI's global objectives, the Stewardship Board ensures that GCRI remains at the forefront of addressing global challenges through innovation and collaborative governance.

The Stewardship Board (STWLB) is the cornerstone of GCRI's effort to harmonize global and national initiatives, ensuring that the organization's vision is realized across all levels of engagement. Through strategic oversight, collaborative governance, and the leveraging of collective expertise, the STWLB empowers GCRI to achieve its mission of fostering a safer, more innovative world.

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