The Strategic Leadership Board for North America (STLB-NORTH)


The Strategic Leadership Board for North America (STLB-NORTH) operates within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) as a pivotal force, navigating the strategic landscape of North America through the quintuple helix model. This model fosters collaboration across academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, aiming to spur innovation, sustainable development, and strategic growth that resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities within North America. STLB-NORTH is committed to leveraging these collaborative efforts to drive forward a future where North America leads in technological innovation, sustainable development, and economic resilience.


STLB-NORTH envisions a future where North America sets the global benchmark for sustainable development and innovation, driven by comprehensive, cross-sectoral collaboration. It aspires to create a continent where economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social well-being are seamlessly integrated, leveraging the quintuple helix model to effectively address both regional and global challenges.


The mission of STLB-NORTH is to operationalize strategic planning and foster growth initiatives across North America by building unique partnerships, sponsorships, joint initiatives, research and development (R&D), and standard-setting practices within the quintuple helix framework. STLB-NORTH aims to identify and enhance synergies between academia, industry, government, civil society, and environmental stakeholders to catalyze impactful and sustainable advancements.


  • Academic Leaders: Esteemed scholars and educators contributing innovative research insights and advancements in education.

  • Industry Pioneers: Visionary business leaders and entrepreneurs driving economic and technological progress.

  • Government Representatives: Key policymakers and officials crafting and implementing supportive regulations and policies.

  • Civil Society Advocates: NGOs and activists dedicated to promoting social justice, equity, and community involvement.

  • Environmental Stewards: Experts in sustainable practices and conservation, ensuring development initiatives align with ecological preservation.


  • Strategic Alliances: Creating partnerships across the quintuple helix domains to advance collective goals and develop innovative solutions tailored to North America's needs.

  • Research and Development: Leading cutting-edge R&D initiatives that tackle North America's unique challenges and capitalize on its opportunities.

  • Standards and Best Practices: Setting and advocating for standards that promote excellence in sustainability, innovation, and governance across the continent.

  • Collaborative Projects: Initiating projects that draw upon the diverse strengths and resources of stakeholders for a broad impact.

  • Membership and Sponsorship Expansion: Expanding the network of dedicated members and sponsors to support STLB-NORTH’s mission and activities.


  • Innovation and Technological Advancement: Promoting initiatives that merge technological innovation with sustainable development to address both current and future challenges.

  • Economic Growth and Integration: Encouraging economic strategies and practices that foster regional integration, inclusive growth, and economic resilience.

  • Educational Empowerment: Enhancing educational systems and professional training to equip individuals and societies for the evolving global landscape.

  • Policy Influence and Governance: Influencing policy development and implementation to reflect the quintuple helix model's collaborative and interdisciplinary ethos.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Prioritizing the protection and sustainable management of North America’s natural resources, ensuring development initiatives are environmentally conscious.

STLB-NORTH stands as a leader in strategic, collaborative innovation, uniquely positioned to navigate North America's distinct challenges and unlock its vast potential. By embracing the quintuple helix model, STLB-NORTH is paving the way for transformative changes, establishing new benchmarks for sustainable growth, and exemplifying strategic leadership within North America and on the global stage.

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