The Strategic Leadership Board for Asia (STLB-ASIA)


The Strategic Leadership Board for Asia (STLB-ASIA) is a dedicated arm of the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), uniquely positioned to navigate the dynamic and diverse strategic landscape of the Asian continent through the lens of the quintuple helix model. This model emphasizes collaboration across five key spheres: academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, to drive innovation, sustainable development, and strategic growth. STLB-ASIA focuses on harnessing these collaborations to address the distinctive challenges and opportunities within Asia's complex socio-economic and environmental ecosystems.


STLB-ASIA envisions a future where Asia leads in harmonizing economic growth with environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and social inclusivity. By leveraging the quintuple helix framework, STLB-ASIA aims to foster a resilient and prosperous Asian continent that is a beacon of global collaboration and innovation.


The mission of STLB-ASIA is to operationalize strategic planning and growth across the Asian continent by fostering unique regional partnerships, sponsorships, joint initiatives, research and development (R&D), and standard-setting within the quintuple helix model. STLB-ASIA commits to identifying and nurturing synergies between academia, industry, government, civil society, and environmental stakeholders to drive impactful and sustainable progress.


  • Academic Visionaries: Renowned scholars and educators who bring insights from scientific research and educational innovation.

  • Industry Innovators: Business leaders and entrepreneurs driving economic growth and technological advancement.

  • Government Officials: Policymakers and diplomats who shape regulatory frameworks and public policy.

  • Civil Society Representatives: Advocates and NGOs working towards social justice, equity, and community engagement.

  • Environmental Experts: Specialists in sustainable development and environmental conservation, ensuring the quintuple helix approach remains balanced and future-focused.


  • Strategic Collaboration: Cultivating partnerships across the quintuple helix to advance shared goals and innovative solutions.

  • R&D Promotion: Spearheading cutting-edge research and development projects that address Asia’s unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Standard Setting: Establishing benchmarks and guidelines that promote best practices in sustainability, innovation, and ethical governance across Asia.

  • Joint Initiatives: Launching collaborative projects that leverage the strengths and resources of diverse stakeholders for regional impact.

  • Membership and Sponsorship: Expanding the network of committed members and sponsors to support STLB-ASIA’s mission and activities.


  • Innovation and Sustainable Development: Driving initiatives that balance technological advancement with environmental sustainability and social welfare.

  • Strategic Growth and Economic Integration: Fostering economic policies and practices that promote regional integration and equitable growth.

  • Education and Capacity Building: Enhancing educational frameworks and professional development programs to equip individuals and communities with future-ready skills.

  • Public Policy and Governance: Influencing policy-making processes to reflect the quintuple helix model’s collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

  • Environmental Conservation and Management: Prioritizing projects and policies that protect Asia’s diverse ecosystems while supporting sustainable development goals.

STLB-ASIA stands as a testament to the power of strategic, collaborative innovation in addressing the multifaceted challenges and harnessing the immense opportunities of the Asian continent. Through its dedicated focus on the quintuple helix model, STLB-ASIA is poised to lead transformative change and set new standards of excellence in sustainable growth and strategic leadership.

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