The Strategic Leadership Board for Africa (STLB-AFRICA)


The Strategic Leadership Board for Africa (STLB-AFRICA), a crucial component of the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), is at the forefront of steering Africa’s strategic direction through the innovative quintuple helix model. This approach champions a comprehensive collaboration among academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, aiming to fuel innovation, sustainable development, and strategic growth that resonates with Africa’s multifaceted landscapes. STLB-AFRICA is dedicated to leveraging this multidimensional cooperation to effectively confront the continent’s unique challenges and to harness its myriad opportunities, thereby crafting a path toward a sustainable and thriving future for all African nations.


STLB-AFRICA envisions a future where Africa is at the helm of sustainable development and innovation, driven by profound, sector-spanning collaborations. It aims to position the continent as a global leader adept at addressing worldwide challenges through the quintuple helix framework. The vision extends to fostering an era where economic growth, environmental sustainability, and societal welfare in Africa are deeply interconnected and mutually reinforcing, setting a benchmark for global standards.


STLB-AFRICA’s mission is to pragmatically operationalize strategic planning and foster growth initiatives across the African continent by cultivating distinctive regional partnerships, sponsorships, joint initiatives, research and development (R&D), and standard-setting practices within the quintuple helix structure. It is committed to uncovering and nurturing synergies between academia, industry, government, civil society, and environmental entities to drive significant and lasting advancements.


  • Academic Leaders: Renowned scholars and educational pioneers offering profound insights into research and pedagogical innovations.

  • Industry Pioneers: Visionary business leaders and entrepreneurs catalyzing economic and technological progress with groundbreaking strategies.

  • Government Representatives: Key policymakers and officials devising and implementing supportive regulatory environments and forward-thinking policies.

  • Civil Society Advocates: Dynamic NGOs and activists at the forefront of advocating for social justice, equity, and grassroots mobilization.

  • Environmental Stewards: Dedicated experts championing sustainable practices and the conservation of Africa’s natural resources, ensuring development is harmoniously balanced with environmental preservation.


  • Strategic Alliances: Establishing cross-sectoral partnerships to promote shared goals and innovative solutions specifically tailored to meet Africa’s needs.

  • Research and Development: Leading avant-garde R&D endeavors aimed at addressing the unique challenges and leveraging the extensive opportunities presented by the African continent.

  • Standards and Best Practices: Crafting and advocating for standards and guidelines that encourage excellence in sustainability, innovation, and governance throughout Africa.

  • Collaborative Projects: Launching cooperative ventures that utilize the varied strengths and resources of stakeholders for a wide-reaching impact.

  • Membership and Sponsorship Expansion: Amplifying the network of committed members and sponsors to reinforce STLB-AFRICA’s foundational mission and activities.


  • Innovation and Technological Advancement: Spearheading initiatives that integrate technological innovation with sustainable development to address current and future challenges.

  • Economic Growth and Regional Integration: Promoting economic strategies and practices that enhance regional integration, fostering an inclusive and equitable growth trajectory.

  • Educational Empowerment: Upgrading educational infrastructures and professional training programs to equip African societies with the requisite skills for a rapidly evolving global landscape.

  • Policy Influence and Governance: Influencing the formulation and implementation of public policies to embody the collaborative and integrative spirit of the quintuple helix model.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Prioritizing the conservation and sustainable utilization of Africa’s vast biodiversity and natural resources, ensuring development initiatives are eco-centric.

STLB-AFRICA stands as a beacon of strategic and collaborative innovation, uniquely positioned to navigate Africa’s distinct challenges and unlock its enormous potential. By championing the quintuple helix model, STLB-AFRICA is paving the way for transformative changes, establishing new paradigms of sustainable growth, and exemplifying strategic leadership on the continent.

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