The Strategic Leadership Board (STLB)


The Strategic Leadership Board (STLB) within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) holds a critical role in steering the organization towards its long-term goals through strategic planning, fostering alliances, and nurturing partnerships. As the landscape of risk management, security, privacy, and sustainability evolves, the STLB ensures GCRI remains at the forefront of global initiatives, driving growth and innovation through strategic collaboration.


The STLB is composed of visionaries and strategists from a diverse array of sectors, including business leaders, policy makers, strategic planners, and representatives from international organizations. Their collective expertise enables the STLB to formulate strategies that are not only innovative and forward-thinking but also aligned with global standards and practices.


The STLB’s strategic focus spans several key areas crucial to GCRI’s mission and global impact:

  • Strategic Planning: Developing and revising GCRI’s strategic plan to ensure alignment with global trends, challenges, and opportunities in risk and innovation.

  • Alliances and Partnerships: Building and nurturing strategic alliances and partnerships with organizations, governments, and industries to amplify GCRI’s impact on global standards and frameworks.

  • Growth Initiatives: Identifying and implementing initiatives that drive organizational growth, expand GCRI’s reach, and enhance its influence in shaping global agendas.

  • Strategic Investment: Overseeing strategic investments in projects, technologies, and research that have the potential to transform risk management and sustainability practices worldwide.

  • Policy Advocacy: Engaging in policy advocacy to influence regulations and policies that support the global adoption of sustainable, secure, and innovative practices.

Governance and Decision-Making

The STLB adopts an agile governance model, enabling rapid response to emerging global challenges and opportunities. Decision-making within the STLB is driven by consensus, leveraging the collective intelligence and strategic insight of its members to guide GCRI’s direction.

Global Collaboration for Strategic Impact

The STLB emphasizes the importance of global collaboration, working closely with international partners to foster a unified approach to addressing the challenges of risk, security, and sustainability. Through strategic dialogues and joint initiatives, the STLB strengthens GCRI’s role as a catalyst for global change.

Operational Integration and Synergy

To ensure the effective implementation of strategic objectives, the STLB works in concert with GCRI’s Specialized Leadership Boards (SLBs), Regional Stewardship Boards (RSBs), and the Central Bureau. This integrated approach ensures that strategic directives are translated into actionable plans across all levels of the organization.

Strategic Vision and Global Leadership

The Strategic Leadership Board is instrumental in crafting a vision for a future where global challenges are met with innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. Through its strategic oversight, the STLB not only drives GCRI’s growth and impact but also shapes the global discourse on risk management, security, privacy, and sustainability.

The STLB is a beacon of strategic thought leadership within GCRI, guiding the organization through the complexities of global challenges and opportunities. By fostering strategic alliances, nurturing partnerships, and steering growth initiatives, the STLB ensures that GCRI remains a leading force in the global movement towards a more secure, sustainable, and innovative future.

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