The Legacy Leadership Board for South America (LLB-SOUTH)


The Legacy Leadership Board for South America (LLB-SOUTH) is a strategic entity within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), charged with ensuring the enduring sustainability, impact, and legacy of GCRI’s initiatives across South America. LLB-SOUTH develops and executes forward-thinking strategies that lay a solid foundation for the future, focusing on sustainable policies, strategic investments, and infrastructure development. This board is dedicated to perpetuating GCRI’s mission in South America, taking into account the continent's distinct environmental, social, and economic landscapes.


LLB-SOUTH envisions a future where GCRI is a leading force in promoting sustainable development and innovation across South America. It aims to establish GCRI as a catalyst for long-lasting positive change, pioneering sustainable practices, risk management, and technological advancements to foster a resilient, prosperous, and sustainable South American continent.


The mission of LLB-SOUTH is to guarantee the strategic continuity and relevance of GCRI’s work in South America through targeted long-term planning, sustainable investment, and the development of robust infrastructure. LLB-SOUTH is committed to launching initiatives that not only tackle current challenges but are also visionary, designed to remain impactful and adaptable over time, fostering a sustainable and secure environment for the continent's future generations.


  • Strategic Planners: Experts who steer GCRI’s long-term direction in alignment with South America's evolving strategic needs.

  • Sustainability Experts: Advocates for integrating sustainable practices into GCRI’s projects and operations across the continent.

  • Investment Strategists: Professionals focused on directing investments towards projects that promise long-term benefits and sustainability for South America.

  • Infrastructure Architects: Visionaries tasked with developing sustainable and scalable infrastructure solutions that cater to the continent's specific requirements.

  • Policy Advisors: Specialists providing guidance on policy development to ensure ethical governance and operational sustainability within the South American context.


  • Sustainable Policy Development: Crafting policies that ensure long-term sustainability and ethical governance, reflecting South America's unique cultural, environmental, and economic dynamics.

  • Strategic Investments in Critical Sectors: Managing investments in sectors vital to South America's future, such as renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable agriculture, to yield long-term benefits.

  • Resilient Infrastructure Development: Planning and executing infrastructure projects that not only support GCRI’s activities in South America but also anticipate future challenges and technological progress.


  • Long-term Strategic Planning: Formulating strategies that align with GCRI’s global mission while addressing the unique opportunities and challenges presented by South America.

  • Overseeing Strategic Investments: Ensuring investments are allocated to projects with enduring impact, supporting both GCRI’s legacy and the continent's sustainable development.

  • Guiding Infrastructure and Policy Initiatives: Leading the development of infrastructure and policies that are robust, sustainable, and capable of supporting the continent's growth and GCRI’s operational aims.

  • Ensuring Program and Project Cohesion: Monitoring key projects and programs to align with GCRI's long-term vision for South America, aiming to build a lasting legacy.

  • Collaborative Efforts for Sustainability: Collaborating with stakeholders across South America to embed long-term sustainability and legacy planning into all aspects of GCRI’s operations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to tackling the continent’s challenges.

Through strategic foresight and committed initiatives, LLB-SOUTH is essential in ensuring that GCRI's legacy of innovation, risk management, and sustainability not only survives but flourishes, effectively meeting the evolving needs and capitalizing on the unique opportunities within South America’s dynamic context.

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