The Legacy Leadership Board for the Middle East and North Africa (LLB-MENA)


The Legacy Leadership Board for the Middle East and North Africa (LLB-MENA) is a pivotal initiative within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), aimed at ensuring the enduring sustainability, impact, and legacy of GCRI's efforts within the MENA region. LLB-MENA is tasked with developing and implementing visionary strategies that establish a resilient foundation for future generations. It emphasizes sustainable policies, strategic investments, and the creation of durable infrastructure, all while considering the unique socio-political, environmental, and economic challenges of the MENA region.


LLB-MENA envisions a future where GCRI is recognized as a transformative force in sustainable development and innovation across the MENA region. It aspires for GCRI to lead initiatives that not only adapt to the region's unique challenges but also set a benchmark in sustainable practices, risk management, and technological advancements. LLB-MENA aims to contribute to a resilient, prosperous, and sustainable future for the MENA region.


The mission of LLB-MENA is to secure the strategic continuity and relevance of GCRI’s initiatives in the MENA region through meticulous long-term planning, sustainable investment, and infrastructure development. LLB-MENA is dedicated to launching projects that are not only responsive to current challenges but also visionary, designed to remain impactful and adaptable over time, fostering a sustainable and secure environment for the region's future societies.


  • Strategic Planners: Experts who guide GCRI’s long-term direction in alignment with the MENA region's evolving strategic landscape.

  • Sustainability Experts: Advocates for embedding sustainable practices into GCRI’s MENA projects and operations.

  • Investment Strategists: Specialists focused on directing investments toward innovations and sustainability projects promising long-term returns for the MENA region.

  • Infrastructure Architects: Visionaries tasked with creating sustainable and scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to the MENA region's needs.

  • Policy Advisors: Professionals providing insights on policy development to ensure ethical governance and operational sustainability within the MENA context.


  • Sustainable Policy Development: Formulating policies that promote long-term sustainability and ethical governance, tailored to the MENA region's diverse and complex landscape.

  • Strategic Investments in Vital Sectors: Managing investments in sectors crucial to the MENA region's future, such as water resource management, renewable energy, and technological infrastructure, ensuring long-term benefits.

  • Resilient Infrastructure Planning: Designing and implementing infrastructure projects that not only support GCRI’s current activities in the MENA region but also anticipate future growth and technological advancements.


  • Formulating Long-term Regional Strategies: Developing strategies that resonate with GCRI’s overarching mission while addressing the MENA region's specific opportunities and challenges.

  • Overseeing Strategic Investments: Allocating investments to projects with the potential for enduring impact, supporting both GCRI’s legacy in the MENA region and its sustainable development.

  • Leading Infrastructure and Policy Initiatives: Guiding the development of infrastructure and policies that are robust, sustainable, and capable of supporting the region's dynamic development needs and GCRI’s operational goals.

  • Ensuring Program and Project Cohesion: Monitoring significant projects and programs to align with GCRI's long-term vision for the MENA region, aiming to build a sustainable legacy.

  • Engaging in Collaborative Endeavors: Working with various stakeholders across the MENA region to integrate long-term sustainability and legacy planning into all aspects of GCRI’s operations, promoting a comprehensive approach to tackling the region’s unique challenges.

Through strategic foresight and targeted initiatives, LLB-MENA is crucial in ensuring that GCRI's legacy of innovation, risk management, and sustainability not only endures but also evolves to meet the MENA region's unique challenges and harness its vast opportunities.

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