The Legacy Leadership Board for Africa (LLB-AFRICA)


The Legacy Leadership Board for Africa (LLB-AFRICA) is a critical initiative under the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), designed to safeguard and enrich the long-term sustainability, impact, and legacy of GCRI's initiatives across the African continent. LLB-AFRICA is committed to formulating and executing visionary strategies that establish a resilient foundation for the future, focusing on sustainable policies, strategic investments, and the development of robust infrastructure. This board aims to ensure that GCRI's mission in Africa is perpetuated, taking into account the continent's unique environmental, social, and economic challenges and opportunities.


LLB-AFRICA envisions a future where GCRI is at the forefront of fostering sustainable development and innovation within Africa, leading initiatives that adapt to the continent's unique challenges. It aims to position GCRI as a pivotal force in driving long-lasting positive change, setting the benchmark for sustainable practices, risk management, and technological advancements that contribute to a resilient and prosperous Africa.


The mission of LLB-AFRICA is to guarantee the strategic continuity and relevance of GCRI’s work in Africa through comprehensive long-term planning, sustainable investment, and infrastructure development. LLB-AFRICA dedicates itself to launching initiatives that not only address current challenges but are also visionary in their design to remain impactful and adaptable over time, fostering a sustainable and secure future for African societies.


  • Strategic Planners: Visionaries who steer GCRI's long-term approach within Africa's changing strategic landscape.

  • Sustainability Experts: Professionals committed to integrating sustainable practices into GCRI’s projects and operations across Africa.

  • Investment Strategists: Analysts focused on directing investments towards innovations and sustainability projects that promise long-term returns and benefits for Africa.

  • Infrastructure Architects: Pioneers in developing sustainable and scalable infrastructure solutions that cater to Africa's specific needs.

  • Policy Advisors: Consultants providing guidance on policy development to ensure ethical governance and operational sustainability tailored to the African context.


  • Customized Policy Development: Developing policies that ensure long-term sustainability and ethical governance across GCRI’s African operations, mindful of the continent's diverse cultural, environmental, and economic landscapes.

  • Strategic Investments in Critical Sectors: Managing investments in areas vital to Africa's future, such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and digital infrastructure, to yield long-term benefits.

  • Resilient Infrastructure Planning: Designing and implementing infrastructure that not only supports GCRI’s activities in Africa but also anticipates future challenges and growth opportunities.


  • Crafting Long-term Regional Strategies: Formulating strategies that resonate with GCRI’s overarching goals while addressing the specific challenges and harnessing the opportunities within Africa.

  • Overseeing Strategic Investments: Allocating investments to projects with enduring impacts, supporting both GCRI’s legacy in Africa and the continent's sustainable development.

  • Steering Infrastructure and Policy Development: Leading the creation of sustainable infrastructure and policies that support Africa's dynamic development needs and GCRI’s operational goals.

  • Ensuring Program and Project Cohesion: Monitoring significant projects and programs to align with GCRI's long-term vision for Africa, aiming to build a sustainable legacy.

  • Facilitating Collaborative Initiatives: Engaging with diverse stakeholders in Africa to weave long-term sustainability and legacy planning into all aspects of GCRI’s operations, promoting a comprehensive approach to addressing the continent’s unique challenges.

Through its strategic foresight and dedicated initiatives, LLB-AFRICA is pivotal in ensuring that GCRI's legacy of innovation, risk management, and sustainability is not only preserved but also evolves to meet the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities of Africa’s dynamic context.

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