The Legacy Leadership Board (LLB)


The Legacy Leadership Board (LLB) within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) is pivotal in ensuring the long-term sustainability, impact, and legacy of GCRI’s initiatives. This board focuses on developing and implementing strategies that build a resilient foundation for the future, emphasizing sustainable policies, strategic investments, and infrastructure development that will support GCRI’s mission for years to come.


The LLB is comprised of experienced professionals and thought leaders in the fields of policy development, infrastructure planning, investment strategy, and sustainability. Members include seasoned strategists, investors with a focus on sustainability and innovation, infrastructure experts, and policy advisors. Their collective experience ensures that GCRI’s legacy is built on a solid foundation of sustainable practices, strategic foresight, and responsible governance.


The LLB's responsibilities are multifaceted, encompassing:

  • Sustainable Policies: Crafting policies that foster long-term sustainability and ethical governance across GCRI’s operations and global initiatives.

  • Strategic Investments: Overseeing investments in projects, technologies, and research that promise to yield long-term benefits for GCRI and the global community it serves.

  • Infrastructure Development: Planning and developing infrastructure that supports GCRI’s activities, ensuring they are resilient, sustainable, and capable of supporting future growth.

  • Program and Project Oversight: Guiding major projects and programs to ensure they align with GCRI’s long-term vision and legacy goals.

  • Long-term Vision and Planning: Developing a forward-looking vision that guides GCRI’s strategic direction, ensuring the organization remains relevant and impactful in the face of future challenges.

Governance and Decision-Making

The LLB employs a forward-thinking governance approach, prioritizing decisions that ensure the longevity and sustainability of GCRI’s impact. Decision-making within the LLB is characterized by strategic foresight, with a focus on actions and investments that build a lasting legacy.

Building a Sustainable Legacy

The LLB plays a crucial role in ensuring that GCRI’s work today lays the groundwork for a sustainable and impactful future. Through strategic investments and infrastructure development, the LLB aims to create a robust platform from which GCRI can continue to lead in global risk management, innovation, and sustainability efforts.

Collaborative Efforts for a Resilient Future

The LLB collaborates closely with GCRI’s other boards and divisions, integrating long-term sustainability and legacy planning into every aspect of GCRI’s operations. This collaborative approach ensures that GCRI’s strategic initiatives are supported by sustainable policies, resilient infrastructure, and strategic investments.

Vision for the Future

The Legacy Leadership Board is dedicated to ensuring that GCRI’s initiatives not only address today’s challenges but also contribute to a sustainable and secure future. By focusing on long-term planning, sustainable investment, and the development of resilient infrastructure, the LLB safeguards GCRI’s ability to continue its mission well into the future.

The LLB is a testament to GCRI’s commitment to sustainability, resilience, and long-term impact. Through its strategic oversight and planning, the Legacy Leadership Board ensures that GCRI’s legacy will endure, fostering innovation and risk management solutions that benefit generations to come.

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