The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Europe


The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Europe within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) champions the integration of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and regulatory excellence to advance the industrial sector across the continent. Positioned at the intersection of tradition and innovation, ILB-Europe is dedicated to steering European industry through the challenges and opportunities of the digital era, ensuring resilience, competitiveness, and sustainable growth.


  • Industrial Visionaries from leading sectors such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing, reflecting Europe's rich industrial heritage and future potential.

  • Digital Transformation Pioneers who are at the forefront of integrating Industry 4.0 technologies, including IoT, AI, and robotics, into manufacturing and production processes.

  • Sustainability Advocates committed to advancing Europe’s green transition, focusing on circular economy practices, carbon neutrality, and energy efficiency.

  • Supply Chain Strategists aiming to enhance the resilience and sustainability of supply chains within Europe and in its trade relations.

  • Regulatory and Compliance Experts who navigate the complex landscape of EU regulations and standards, ensuring that European industries remain compliant while fostering innovation.


  • Green Industrial Revolution: Leading the transition towards greener manufacturing processes and products, aligning with the European Green Deal and sustainability goals.

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0: Accelerating the adoption of digital technologies to enhance productivity, innovation, and worker safety, while addressing cybersecurity concerns.

  • Supply Chain Sustainability: Strengthening supply chain resilience and sustainability, emphasizing ethical sourcing, transparency, and reducing environmental footprints.

  • Research, Innovation, and Skills Development: Promoting R&D in new materials, processes, and technologies, alongside investing in the workforce’s skills for the future of industry.

  • Regulatory Leadership: Shaping and responding to regulatory frameworks that support innovation while protecting public interest and promoting fair competition.


  • Adaptive Governance: Responsive to the rapidly evolving industrial and technological landscape, ensuring agility in strategic planning and implementation.

  • Cross-sectoral Collaboration: Facilitating dialogue and partnerships across industries, academia, government, and civil society to foster a holistic approach to industrial challenges.

  • Engagement and Participation: Encouraging stakeholder engagement through platforms for dialogue, ensuring policies and initiatives are inclusive and reflect diverse perspectives.

  • International Cooperation: Leveraging Europe's position to foster international collaboration, sharing best practices, and aligning with global standards and regulations.


ILB-Europe is committed to advancing Europe's industrial leadership through innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation. We aim to set the standard for high-quality, sustainable industrial practices globally, leveraging Europe's strengths in technology, environmental stewardship, and regulatory frameworks. Through collaboration and strategic foresight, ILB-Europe seeks to drive the continent's industries towards a more sustainable, competitive, and inclusive future.

ILB-Europe envisions a future where European industry is a global benchmark for innovation, sustainability, and resilience. It aims to ensure that Europe’s industrial sector not only thrives in the face of global challenges but also contributes positively to societal well-being, environmental preservation, and economic prosperity.

ILB-Europe is committed to transforming the European industrial landscape through leadership in sustainability, digital innovation, and regulatory excellence. By harnessing Europe’s strengths and addressing its challenges, ILB-Europe seeks to drive forward a sustainable, competitive, and innovative industrial future, contributing to a prosperous and resilient Europe.

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