The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Asia


The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Asia, operating under the aegis of the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), stands at the forefront of steering the region's vast and dynamic industrial landscape through the intricate interplay of technological innovation, regulatory evolution, and sustainability challenges. As a beacon of industrial progress and stewardship, the ILB-Asia is dedicated to crafting a future where industry not only thrives on the cutting edge of technology but also champions responsible practices that mitigate risks, promote global sustainability, and foster inclusive growth.


  • Senior Executives from leading manufacturing, technology, and energy firms who bring strategic insight into market trends and business imperatives.

  • Digital Transformation Pioneers specializing in the integration of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and robotics within industrial operations.

  • Sustainability Advocates focused on embedding circular economy principles, green manufacturing processes, and eco-innovation within the industrial fabric of Asia.

  • Supply Chain Strategists dedicated to enhancing the resilience, ethics, and transparency of supply networks in the face of global disruptions.

  • Policy and Regulatory Specialists who navigate the complex landscape of international standards, compliance requirements, and risk management protocols.


  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-Innovation: Championing manufacturing practices that prioritize environmental sustainability, resource efficiency, and the reduction of carbon footprints.

  • Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity: Guiding industries through the ethical and secure adoption of digital technologies, ensuring that digitalization enhances operational efficiency without compromising data integrity or privacy.

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Ethical Sourcing: Setting benchmarks for creating robust, agile, and transparent supply chains that prioritize ethical practices and sustainability.

  • Innovation Ecosystem and R&D Leadership: Fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation that nurtures groundbreaking product development, material science research, and process innovation, aligned with global sustainability goals.

  • Regulatory Agility and Risk Forecasting: Developing adaptive regulatory frameworks that anticipate and mitigate industrial risks, ensuring compliance with global standards and fostering a proactive culture of risk management.


  • Strategic Horizon Scanning: Continuously scanning the innovation horizon to identify emerging technologies, market trends, and regulatory changes, ensuring that Asia's industries remain competitive and compliant on the global stage.

  • Global Standards and Best Practices: Collaborating with international standard-setting bodies (e.g., IEEE, ISO, W3C) to influence and adopt global standards that reflect the unique needs and challenges of Asia's industrial sectors.

  • Public Participation and Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including the public, to foster transparency, inclusivity, and collective action in addressing industrial challenges and opportunities.

  • Cross-Sector and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Leveraging the collective intelligence of the Quintuple Helix model by fostering collaboration across academia, industry, government, civil society, and environmental organizations to drive comprehensive and sustainable industrial solutions.


To propel Asia's industries towards global competitiveness and sustainability, leveraging the region's technological innovation, diverse cultural heritage, and dynamic economies. ILB-Asia commits to fostering collaborative ecosystems that drive technological advancements, sustainable practices, and inclusive growth, positioning Asia at the forefront of global industrial transformation.

The vision of ILB-Asia is to position Asia's industrial sector as a global exemplar of innovation, sustainability, and resilience. Through its leadership, the ILB aims to inspire transformative changes that not only propel industrial growth but also address critical societal challenges, setting new benchmarks for responsible industrial practices that balance economic objectives with environmental stewardship and social well-being.

ILB-Asia embodies the commitment to navigating the complexities of the modern industrial era, ensuring that Asia's industrial ventures not only lead in innovation and efficiency but also champion the principles of risk mitigation, sustainability, and equitable development on a global scale.

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