The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Africa


The Industry Leadership Board (ILB) for Africa within the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) represents a critical pivot towards redefining industrial leadership in a continent marked by unparalleled potential and dynamic challenges. The ILB-Africa is dedicated to harnessing Africa’s unique resources, burgeoning industrial sectors, and innovative spirit to foster sustainable development, enhance regional and global competitiveness, and ensure resilient industrial growth in alignment with environmental and societal well-being.


  • Industry Titans from Africa’s key sectors such as agribusiness, mining, renewable energy, and manufacturing, offering deep insights into the continent's industrial ecosystem.

  • Innovators and Technologists specializing in leveraging digital and green technologies to drive industrial efficiency, sustainability, and access to markets.

  • Sustainability Champions focused on embedding sustainable practices across industries to ensure environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

  • Supply Chain Innovators dedicated to building resilient and ethical supply chains that bolster intra-African trade and access to global markets.

  • Policy Makers and Regulatory Experts who guide industries through the evolving landscape of national and international regulations, promoting risk management and compliance.


  • Sustainable Industrialization: Promoting industries that leverage Africa’s rich natural resources sustainably, reducing environmental impact while maximizing social and economic benefits.

  • Digital and Green Transformation: Advocating for the adoption of digital and green technologies in industrial operations to improve productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

  • Supply Chain and Market Access: Enhancing the resilience and competitiveness of African industries through improved supply chain management and expanded access to regional and global markets.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Fostering an ecosystem that nurtures industrial innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of value-added products and services.

  • Regulatory Harmonization and Compliance: Working towards harmonized regulatory standards across African countries to facilitate trade, ensure product safety, and manage industrial risks.


  • Adaptive Regulatory Frameworks: Developing and advocating for regulatory frameworks that are both adaptive and supportive of industrial innovation, while ensuring alignment with global standards.

  • Collaboration Across the Industrial Ecosystem: Encouraging cross-sector collaboration to leverage synergies between different industrial sectors and drive comprehensive development strategies.

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation: Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including the business community, academia, civil society, and the public, to ensure inclusive and sustainable industrial growth.

  • Partnerships for Capacity Building: Establishing partnerships with international bodies, regional organizations, and the private sector to build industrial capacity, share knowledge, and facilitate access to technology and finance.


Dedicated to harnessing Africa's rich natural resources and burgeoning industrial potential in a sustainable and equitable manner, ILB-Africa aims to catalyze industrial innovation and growth across the continent. By fostering partnerships, enhancing skills development, and promoting sustainable practices, we strive to contribute to Africa's resilient and sustainable industrial development, ensuring prosperity for all its peoples.

ILB-Africa envisions a future where African industries are pillars of sustainable development, innovation, and resilience, contributing significantly to the continent's prosperity and global standing. Through strategic leadership and collaborative efforts, the ILB aims to catalyze industrial transformation that is environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and economically viable, setting a benchmark for industrial development that harmonizes with the planet and its people.

In sum, ILB-Africa embodies the aspiration to transform Africa’s industrial landscape into a beacon of sustainable and innovative growth. Through fostering strategic partnerships, advocating for sustainable practices, and embracing digital transformation, ILB-Africa seeks to propel the continent towards a sustainable industrial future, enhancing the quality of life for its people and making a significant contribution to global sustainability efforts.

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