The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for South America


The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for South America under the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) plays a critical role in propelling the region toward new heights in engineering excellence and innovation. The ELB leverages South America's diverse technological capabilities, rich natural resources, and vibrant innovation ecosystem to meet contemporary and future engineering challenges.


ELB-South America is committed to advancing engineering solutions that promote sustainable development, technological breakthroughs, and infrastructure resilience across the continent. It emphasizes collaborative efforts within South America's engineering community to create sustainable and innovative solutions, tackling global issues like climate adaptation, renewable energy implementation, and technological inclusivity with a regional focus.


This board is constituted of a diverse group of leaders from various engineering sectors across South America, including renewable energy solutions, civil and environmental engineering, digital infrastructure, and manufacturing innovations. The composition includes prominent industry leaders, distinguished scholars, visionary policymakers, and representatives from environmental and technological non-profits, all dedicated to fostering technological and environmental progress.


  • Innovation and Research: Driving research and development projects that expand the boundaries of engineering, focusing on areas such as sustainable energy solutions, resilient infrastructure, and inclusive technology.

  • Sustainability Initiatives: Encouraging engineering projects and practices that prioritize environmental sustainability, aiming to mitigate environmental impacts while promoting socio-economic benefits across communities.

  • Digital and Technological Transformation: Championing the digital transformation within the engineering sector, highlighting the significance of technological integration, cybersecurity, and data-driven decision-making in contemporary infrastructure.

  • Policy and Standards Advocacy: Shaping policy discussions and contributing to the formulation of engineering standards that mirror South America's unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring alignment with international standards of practice.

  • Professional Empowerment: Elevating the professional capabilities of the engineering workforce through ongoing education, capacity-building initiatives, and the facilitation of knowledge exchange.

  • Regional and International Collaboration: Promoting partnerships within the continent and with global counterparts to exchange knowledge, technologies, and best practices, enhancing South America's engineering prowess on the world stage.

Governance and Operations

ELB-South America embraces an agile and responsive governance model, prioritizing swift adaptation to the evolving landscape of engineering challenges and opportunities. It employs contemporary communication and project management tools for effective coordination, stakeholder engagement, and execution of initiatives.

  • Strategic Oversight of Projects: Overseeing critical projects and initiatives that align with South America’s strategic interests in engineering innovation and ecological sustainability.

  • Efficient Communication Platforms: Leveraging digital platforms like Slack for immediate member interaction, Airtable for comprehensive project tracking, and Nexus platforms for engaging with the wider engineering and public communities.

  • Global Network Integration: Ensuring that South America’s engineering initiatives are harmoniously integrated with GCRI’s overarching goals, fostering global collaboration and standardization efforts.


ELB-South America envisions a future where engineering acts as a cornerstone for economic prosperity, technological advancement, and societal well-being, addressing both local and global challenges through sustainable and equitable practices. By tapping into the continent’s unique potential and fostering a collaborative spirit, ELB aims to establish South America as a beacon of engineering innovation and sustainability.

ELB-South America is devoted to creating an engineering landscape that is innovative, resilient, and forward-thinking. Through strategic leadership, cross-sectoral collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability and excellence, it aims to drive transformative changes across South America's engineering sectors, making significant contributions to both regional and global sustainability goals.

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