The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region under the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI) is a key strategic entity designed to navigate the unique engineering challenges and opportunities within the MENA region. The ELB-MENA focuses on harnessing the region's rich resources, technological potentials, and strategic geographical positioning to foster innovation, sustainability, and resilience in engineering practices.


ELB-MENA's mission is to leverage the MENA region's diverse engineering landscape to address critical challenges such as water scarcity, energy transition, infrastructure development, and digital transformation. It aims to position the MENA region as a leader in sustainable and innovative engineering solutions that can serve not only local needs but also contribute to global advancements in engineering.


ELB-MENA consists of distinguished members drawn from across the engineering spectrum in the MENA region, including industry leaders, academic researchers, policy makers, and representatives from civil society. This diverse membership ensures a holistic approach to engineering challenges, incorporating perspectives from renewable energy, water resource management, civil and infrastructure engineering, and digital technologies.


  • Sustainable Resource Management: Advocating for and implementing engineering solutions focused on sustainable management of the region's critical resources, especially water and energy.

  • Infrastructure Resilience: Driving the development of resilient infrastructure that can withstand environmental challenges and urbanization pressures, incorporating innovative construction methods and materials.

  • Digital Transformation: Spearheading the digital transformation of the engineering sector, focusing on smart cities, IoT applications, and AI to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

  • Capacity Building and Education: Enhancing engineering education and professional development programs to prepare the workforce for the future, emphasizing new technologies and sustainable practices.

  • Policy Influence and Standardization: Engaging with regional and international bodies to influence policy development and standardization efforts, ensuring they align with the MENA region's needs and ambitions.

  • Cross-regional Collaboration: Facilitating cross-regional and international collaborations to share knowledge, best practices, and innovations, enhancing the MENA region's contribution to the global engineering community.

Governance and Operations

ELB-MENA operates through an agile and collaborative framework, emphasizing responsiveness to the MENA region's dynamic engineering landscape. It utilizes digital platforms for communication, project management, and public engagement, fostering an inclusive and transparent approach to engineering leadership.

  • Strategic Initiatives and Projects: Oversees initiatives that address regional priorities such as renewable energy adoption, water conservation technologies, and urban infrastructure resilience.

  • Digital Tools for Collaboration: Employs tools like Slack for member communication, Airtable for project oversight, and Nexus platforms for engaging with the broader public and stakeholders, ensuring effective coordination and outreach.

  • Integration with Global and Regional Networks: Works in synergy with GCRI's global network, other regional ELBs, and national working groups, ensuring MENA's engineering initiatives are both locally relevant and globally aligned.


ELB-MENA envisions a future where the MENA region leads in sustainable engineering practices, leveraging its unique assets and overcoming its challenges through innovation, collaboration, and strategic foresight. By fostering a culture of sustainability, embracing digital transformation, and building resilient infrastructures, ELB-MENA aims to contribute significantly to the region's prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social well-being.

ELB-MENA is central to crafting a future where engineering innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, directly addressing the MENA region's specific challenges while positioning it as a key player in the global engineering landscape. Through strategic leadership, collaborative initiatives, and a commitment to excellence, ELB-MENA seeks to drive transformative change across the region's engineering sector.

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