The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for Africa


The Engineering Leadership Board (ELB) for Africa is a strategic component of the Global Center for Risk and Innovation (GCRI), specifically tailored to address the unique engineering challenges and opportunities across the African continent. The ELB-Africa's mandate is to drive engineering innovation, excellence, and sustainable development, acknowledging the diverse needs and potential for growth within African countries.


ELB-Africa's mission is to advance engineering as a key driver for sustainable development, economic growth, and improved quality of life across Africa. It focuses on harnessing engineering innovation to tackle critical challenges such as infrastructure development, water and energy security, and technological access, aiming to foster resilient and sustainable communities.


Comprising leading engineers, industry professionals, academics, and policymakers from across the continent, ELB-Africa is a multi-disciplinary board. Members are selected for their expertise in critical engineering domains, their contributions to sustainable development, and their commitment to leveraging engineering solutions for societal benefits. The board's composition ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing the continent's unique engineering challenges.


  • Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Spearhead initiatives to develop resilient and sustainable infrastructure systems that cater to Africa's specific needs, focusing on renewable energy, water management, and transportation.

  • Innovation and Technology Transfer: Promote the adoption and adaptation of innovative technologies and engineering solutions that are suitable for Africa's context, enhancing local capacities and technological self-sufficiency.

  • Educational and Professional Development: Enhance engineering education and professional development across the continent, aiming to build a skilled workforce capable of leading Africa's engineering future.

  • Community Engagement and Capacity Building: Engage with communities to understand their needs and build local capacities in addressing environmental, social, and economic challenges through engineering solutions.

  • Policy and Standards Development: Advocate for and contribute to the development of engineering policies and standards that support sustainable development goals, ensuring they are relevant to African contexts.

  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Foster collaboration between African countries and international partners to share knowledge, resources, and best practices in engineering.

Governance and Operations

ELB-Africa operates within the GCRI framework, aligning its regional focus with the organization's global mission. It collaborates with other specialized leadership boards, national working groups, and technical councils, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to engineering challenges.

  • Digital Collaboration: Utilizes digital platforms such as Slack for communication and Airtable for project and knowledge management, facilitating efficient and transparent operations.

  • Strategic Initiatives: Initiates and oversees strategic engineering projects that address key challenges and opportunities in Africa, leveraging partnerships for broader impact.

  • Public Engagement: Actively engages with the public and stakeholders to increase awareness and participation in sustainable engineering practices, using the Nexus platform to enhance engagement and impact assessment.


ELB-Africa envisions a future where engineering innovation catalyzes sustainable development across the continent, leading to resilient infrastructure, economic prosperity, and improved quality of life for all Africans. By focusing on sustainable solutions and inclusive growth, ELB-Africa aims to position Africa at the forefront of engineering excellence and innovation.

In summary, ELB-Africa embodies GCRI's commitment to leveraging engineering as a transformative force for sustainable development in Africa. Through strategic leadership, collaborative projects, and a focus on capacity building, ELB-Africa is pivotal in advancing the engineering agenda for a sustainable and prosperous African future.

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