Our platform engineering initiatives are squarely focused on the secure and resilient construction of digital platforms, fully in line with the NIS 2 Directive's stipulations. By harnessing cloud services that adhere to the security guidelines and incorporating frameworks like the Zero Trust architecture, GCRI ensures unparalleled data integrity and service continuity. These platforms are fortified with state-of-the-art, real-time threat detection and response mechanisms, positioning GCRI as a crucial element in developing NIS 2 Directive-compliant platforms. These efforts are augmented by the application of GDPR principles for data protection, further enhancing platform security and user privacy, and supporting initiatives in sustainable resource management and emergency responsiveness.

Through comprehensive strategies and the application of internationally recognized standards and frameworks, GCRI not only aligns with the NIS 2 Directive but also strengthens the role of platform engineering in safeguarding digital infrastructures against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. This holistic approach ensures that GCRI’s platforms are not just secure but also resilient, adaptable, and integral to advancing global sustainability and emergency responsiveness.

Security Standards

  • GCRI utilizes cloud services that comply with the International standards and best practices, ensuring the highest standards of cloud security are met.

  • This compliance ensures that GCRI’s cloud-based platforms are secure, resilient, and capable of adapting to evolving cyber threats.

Zero Trust

  • Incorporating Zero Trust principles across all platform operations, GCRI eliminates implicit trust and verifies every access request, regardless of location.

  • This architectural framework significantly reduces the attack surface, ensuring meticulous access control and data security.


  • Deploying cutting-edge, real-time threat detection systems that continuously monitor and analyze platform activities to identify and neutralize potential threats.

  • These systems are complemented by rapid response mechanisms, enabling swift action to mitigate any identified risks, thereby ensuring platform integrity and continuity.

Compliance and Protection

  • Integrating NIS 2 Directives to safeguard user data and privacy, GCRI’s platforms adhere to stringent data protection standards.

  • This commitment to privacy not only enhances platform security but also fosters user trust and compliance with international data protection laws.

Sustainable Management

  • GCRI’s platforms are designed to support initiatives in sustainable resource management and emergency response, leveraging secure and resilient infrastructure to facilitate efficient, real-time data sharing and collaboration.

  • These platforms enable stakeholders to address environmental challenges and respond to emergencies more effectively, underpinned by robust security frameworks.

Strategic Goals

  • Elevating Digital Platform Security:

    • GCRI aims to set new standards in digital platform security, exceeding the mandates of the NIS 2 Directive through innovative engineering practices and adherence to global security guidelines.

  • Fostering Innovation in Secure Digital Infrastructure:

    • By leveraging advanced security architectures and compliance frameworks, GCRI encourages innovation in the creation of secure, scalable digital infrastructures that serve as the backbone for various societal and environmental initiatives.

  • Promoting Collaborative and Secure Digital Ecosystems:

    • Utilizing the Quintuple Helix model, GCRI champions the development of digital platforms that facilitate secure, collaborative efforts across academia, industry, government, civil society, and the environment, contributing to the collective goal of building a secure, sustainable future.


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